Telemedicine vision 2020 testing: Click to get free app


Review the chronology of the Brightness-Sense

   Complete vision testing at HOME

1. Visual Acuity by symbol recognition, not limited by language
     Age 4 years and older.    
     Test each eye separately
     20/400 to 20/20

2. Color Vision

3. Stereopsis

4. Amblyometer
     Detects relative afferent defects
     Detects amblyopia and diseases causing optic nerve damage including glaucoma (see Tech & Cummins in chronology)



  • DiagnosticGame app from the Apple Store, Free download

  • Plays on iPad, iPhone, and iPod

  • Self-test (completely automated)

  • Test are consumable, patient pays per test. Color vision is free

  • Results are recorded

  • Ability to email results to the Doctor

  • Accessories (sold separately)
    Visual Acuity and Color Vision: accessories not required
    Stereopsis: Red-Cyan: glasses needed
    Amblyometer: Polarizing glasses and screen filter required

    Accessories (go to for more details)

  • Visual Acuity testing options
     Snap-On +2.5 diopter monocular Right and Left eye set
        a. One eye is occluded while the opposite eye is tested
            b. Includes Magnetic Blank frames plus Right and Left Lens/Occluder $39.99

  • Stereopsis
     Red/Cyan Glasses, 5 pair for $18.00

  • Polarizing System for Amblyometer and Equalizer Tests
    1.  iPad designated for DiagnosticGame testing
       a. Screen polarizing filters (two) that adhere to the screen: $69.00
       b. Polarizing glasses, one adult or one child glasses: $9.95
    2. Metal Snap-On polarizing filter set for multi-use mobile device
       a. Mini-iPad: $89.00
       b. iPhone, specify model 6-11 models: $89.00
    3. Parity Challenge clip-on Neutral Density lens:$89.00