Models: RAM Solo, RAM Prime, RAM Prime XL, RAM ETDRS
Retinal Acuity Meter (RAM) combines Ergonomic Design and Function.  RAM is portable and clinically proven to predict outcomes.  RAM is more consistent, faster, and easier than PAM.    See Dr. Gulani"s Gold Video: the importance of RAM

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Demonstrate, Document and Measure Disabling Glare.  BAM mimics floodlights and High Beamer mimics automobile headlights.  The Best Buy of all Glare Testers.

An iOS app for screening and measuring vision parameters.  Detects amblyopia and measuring visual acuity, color vision, stereopsis and potential vision. Accessories required.  Click to Download DiagnosticGame app at iTunes

See Press release:  Apple app Detects Lazy-Eye in School Children:

This ingenious simple device attaches to the RAM prime or RAM Prime XL and makes testing of low vision accurate, easy and fast.  Document stability or changes in macular function.

Once the DiagnosticGame is downloaded from the Apple store, you will need to obtain accessories for some of the test. Accessories are available at Vision Performance  Store.

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