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Potential Vision Testing by RAM® (Retinal Acuity Meter)

Screens for Co-Morbid Diseases

  • Clinically proven to predict post-op acuity in patients with or without co-morbid disease

  • Has prevented wrongful surgery: RAM® localizes the cause: Macula or Cataract.

  • RAM® providing REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS for 25 Years.

  • "No matter the Post-Op acuity, if that acuity is EXPECTED, the patient will be HAPPY."
    Albert Hofeldt, MD. President, AMA Optics, Inc.,
    Clinical Professor Retired, Columbia University.


Glare testing is considered an appropriate part of the pre-op evaluation for cataract surgery (EYENET, January 2021). 


BAM Deuce

2 Devices in 1


NEW Technology​


Dark Adaptation

US PATENT 11026573

The newly patented hand-held test for dark adaptation of the macula (cones) 

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